Introducing: 8-Week Tai Chi Short Course

Discover An Ancient Secret To Holistic Health and Wellbeing!

If you would like to build strength, stamina and develop relaxation at the same time, then here are 5 reasons why you this course might interest you:

1. Tai Chi was developed hundreds of years ago and has been practiced by the Chinese for centuries… It has been scientifically proven that people can restore their physical strength, enhance stamina and bodily coordination and achieve greater health through practicing Tai Chi.
2. Since its spread into the western world in more recent times, reputable physicians and therapists often recommend their patients to practice Tai Chi, so that they can restore calmness and balance to their minds and bodies, naturally.

3. This is a golden opportunity to learn the amazing art (Tai Chi) from the grandmaster and his disciples – who have all devoted at least 20+ years of their lives practicing and refining this art, in an awarded Academy. (Awarded “Community Event Award” by the National Australia Day Council in 2001)
4. In 8 weeks, you’ll learn ‘why’ and ‘how’ Tai Chi works… You’ll also learn about your own body and discover some bad body postures, tensions or habits that you might have… but are not previously aware of.

5. You’ll have the first taste and trial of this amazing art… and find out whether this art is for you.

The course will be held every Saturday 1.15pm – 2:30pm from 7 October to 25 November 2017 at Duncraig Leisure Center. In order to pay full attention to every student taking this course, we will strictly accept a maximum number of 20 students only. Registrations is essential. Email now to register your place:

Course fee: special offer $220, if you register before 6 June (normally valued at $250).


Dedicated Teaching in W.A. for over 40 years

“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (readings of 175/95) about 5 years ago and the doctor put me on medication to help control it. I exercise regularly by going to the gym every week. In terms of my blood pressure, I wasn’t aware that the gym was changing it much. Still on the medication, I picked up Tai Chi at Wong’s Academy of Chinese Martial Arts…I was personally invited by the Academy Manager to join the introductory Tai Chi course in February this year as he suggested it would benefit my health. Well, I was astounded at how Tai Chi helped reduce my blood pressure! Within about 6 weeks of classes, my blood pressure had dropped significantly…confirmed by my doctor, it now averages 135/65…which is well within the normal range. Not only that, practising Tai Chi helps me relax. Compared to the gym, I feel much more peaceful in the Tai Chi classes and I notice that it helps my mood. As I practise more Tai Chi, I am hopeful it will help improve and strengthen my knees, both of which I have had replaced, and for which I have also been going to the gym. I’m happy to recommend Tai Chi to others who are in similar situations, to give it a go too.”
Father John O’Reilly (age 80) of Wilson, WA
Catholic Priest of Archdiocese of Perth and former Army chaplain

“I started learning Tai Chi when I joined the 8-Week Tai Chi Short Course at Wong’s Academy of Chinese Martial Arts. After a few lessons I’ve noticed that when I practise Tai Chi, I experience greater warmth and circulation in my body. I also feel my energy levels increase. Also, I’m able to be more aware of the tensions I have in my body when I’m stressed. There was one experience where I couldn’t get to sleep…and I realised my whole body was quite tense. So I got up and did Tai Chi, doing just the few basic postures I had learnt. Within only 2 minutes, my whole body experienced a relief of tension! Relaxed, I went to sleep easily right after that. I’m intrigued with the art of Tai Chi now and I recommend it to anyone to give it a try!”
Stephen Gorddard (age 24) of Cloverdale, WA

“Like most academics, I spend many hours of the day sitting in front of a computer. From my thirties I started to suffer bouts of severe pain and stiffness in the neck, headaches, light-headedness and dizziness after a day’s work. I tried everything: massage, aspirin, exercise, chiropractors, and heat packs, but these only brought temporary relief. Then one day, while practising tai chi at home, as I moved into a particular posture, there was a gentle movement in my neck, and the stiffness and headache disappeared. Since that day I have been virtually free of my neck problem. Regular practice of tai chi has helped me to keep my neck and lower back free of tension and pain.”

Adrian Baddeley
Professor, University of Western Australia